German software to protect
from ransomware and crypto-trojans

Crypto-trojans such as Locky are raging in Germany: over 5,000 infections per hour. The new software application Anti-Ransom prevents the implementation of files infected with ransomware right from the start. This is an essential advantage over virus scanners, which depend on updates to the virus signatures. A virus cannot spread on the computer or the network nor encrypt files. This software solution is available as a free version for PCs, as well as a business version for servers and complete networks.

Free Download

This is how Anti-Ransom protects from ransomware


  • Free Version
  • Protects immediately: blocks the implementation of ransomware
  • Always current: needs no virus signature updates or similar
  • Log file shows attempted file implemenations
  • Whitelist and blacklist functionality
  • For Windows operating systems

Expands Your Virus Protection

  • Highest possible protection from ransomware
  • Needs no virus definition files – always current!
  • Compatible with existing virus protection
  • Ligtweight Setup: doesen't eat up resources

Business Version for Companies: Server-Eye

  • All functionalities of the free version
  • Administration of all PCs and servers in one interface
  • Global whitelist for progams
  • Regular assessment of whether the protection is active everywhere
  • Notification via e-mail, push or text message when problems arise
  • Complete system monitoring is integrated
  • Optional inclusive anti-virus and patch management
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